Join our community in two (and a half) steps! If you have any questions at any point in the process, please email

  1. Install Ingress! Android iOS
  2. Complete our new agent form. This form covers some basic information for the community like your name, your Agent ID (in game), and a URL for your G+ profile (yeah, we know, few of us used g+ before Ingress, either, but it's that's part of what makes it great for Ingress information) so we can match you to your Agent ID. We also ask for the area you like to play in, but we'll never require you to share where you work or live, because that's just creepy.
  3. Join the official Austin Enlightened G+ group. G+ is available on the AppStore and on Google Play.Hi how Enlightened are you?

As soon as the above is complete, an agent on our Welcome Crew will post an introduction in the group and there will be much rejoicing! We hope you enjoy being a part of this community! Please feel free to let us know if you need anything getting started or have any suggestions for how we can improve.