Getting Started

In Scanner tips

Interacting with another agent

When you see an Agent's name in the scanner, regardless of location, you can long hold on the name and it will pop up a set of options. View Agent Profile, Send Message, and Block in Comms.

Finding another agent's G+ profile

Some agents have their G+ profile linked to to their Agent profile. If you view their agent profile there will be a G+ button next to their agent name. Click on this to open G+.

Down went Alice after it,

never once considering how in the world

she was to get out again.

The veil has been lifted. Activate your scanner, explore the new world with your freshly opened eyes. And take your first steps on the path toward Enlightenment in San Antonio, join our community.

To progress further, you must "play" the "game". As you do so, you will encounter others "Agents". These agents will help you become familiar with the world of +Ingress and the hidden secrets within.

We are here to help those who are willing to help themselves...